The Founders’ Bible Digital Edition

Imagine having the full 2,272-page print edition fitting it in the palm of your hand? Now you can. We have taken the beautifully written and illustrated Founders’ Bible Print edition and have transformed it into a fully functional digital app complete with the NASB Bible, all 450+ original articles and even the custom artwork is available in its full splendor.

The Digital Edition not only has everything that is included in the print editions but it also comes with the ability to take notes, highlight verses, search both the Bible and the articles and all the features you would expect in full Bible Study app.

The app is available for both Apple and Android devices (Phones and Tablets). Buy it here on our website and save.

If a picture can say a thousand words, the artwork throughout speaks volumes—allowing the history and content to come to life conveying a sense of the look and feel, the emotions of the unfolding drama. Each one of the articles has been beautifully designed throughout, featuring original artwork by master illustrator and oil painter, C. Michael Dudash, along with hundreds of other historical paintings and sketches.

Read and study whether you’re connected or not. Your library, notes, highlights and all of the app features are stored on your device so that you have full functionality when you are offline or in airplane mode.

Sync your Bible study resources, highlights, notes, etc. between all your devices.

The split window feature allows you to create your own customized parallel Bible for translation comparison or to have the Articles in one pane and the Bible in the other for quick reference.

The app has an extensive library of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and many other useful Bible Study resources along with a powerful suite of features and study tools.


The Founders’ Bible Print Editions

Available in four distinctive bindings: (descriptions below)
● Hardcover Edition
● Leather-Soft Edition
● Genuine Leather Edition
● Heirloom Edition (includes additional material not found in the others)

The Founders’ Bible is signature historian David Barton’s most significant life’s work. It will inspire you with renewed passion for the Word of God!

General Features Include:

● 2272 pages beautifully designed and illustrated throughout in both 2-color and magnificent 4-color pages.
● Over 1000 pages of in-depth culturally relevant articles, insightful biblical commentary and some of the most inspiring history of this nation’s founding and the destiny and purpose God intended, covering themes like: “Our Most Sacred Treasure: The Bible”, “Is America a Christian Nation?”, “Original Intent and the Separation of Church and State” and “Escape from Tyranny”.
● Trusted, Updated New American Standard Bible (NASB) Reference Edition—recognized by scholars as the most accurate word for word translation of the Scriptures into the English language.
● Original artwork from master illustrator and oil painter C. Michael Dudash throughout the Bible as well as hundreds of historical paintings and sketches.
● Hundreds of pages of unique embedded commentary highlighting biblical insight and wisdom from the Founders on a wide range of topics such as: Caring for the Poor, Abortion, Homosexuality, Marriage, Taxation, Education, Business and Economics…touching on virtually every area of life.
● Examines the specific verses and chapters of the Bible that inspired our understanding of God-given rights, freedom and justice, our legal system as it was intended to function, and the source of so many of the ideas found in our guiding documents and constitutional republic form of government.
● Over 150 biographies or insightful quotes from various Founders and other influential people of history and the Founding Era
● An American Timeline of History, The Presidents of the U.S., and Colonial Maps.
● 66 inspirational Bible book introductions, key verses, outlines that reveal the grand story of Scripture and God’s desire for a walking, talking relationship with each one of us.
● Subject index, Concordance, Center column Cross-reference Study Edition, and Bible maps.


All of our Bibles have been proudly developed and printed in the U.S.A. While it means a higher cost for us to absorb (as we have not passed that cost along to you), we have purposefully priced each edition below comparable market rates, expressly to make the cost of The Founders’ Bible readily accessible to all. We’re confident that anyone examining it will easily recognize the incredible value of what is a beautifully designed and invaluable resource. That’s the impression we wanted to leave upon everyone who receives a copy – that it would quickly become something they treasured. The mission behind this project has been far more important than any profitability in time it might yield. In the spirit of A Field of Dreams, we have plowed our field under, believing if we would help build it (His house which is His people), He will come!

Hardcover Edition – 2nd Edition

The Founders’ Bible Hardcover edition is a masterpiece in the art of bookbinding. For a 2312-page Bible, in order to ensure proper adhesion of all the signatures and maximize durability, we chose the highest quality bookbinding process on the market today, featuring a resin-bonded, PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) adhesive—“the” most durable bookbinding adhesive available. Without getting too technical, a special clay coating is applied to the paper, enabling the PUR to fully wick into the paper fibers themselves, running the full length of the signature spine. Once cured, the process forms an impenetrable bond. While Smyth sewn signatures have been a high quality industry standard for years, four minimal stitch points in a Bible of this volume would likely weaken over time and with use the paper will begin tear at those stitch points. With the PUR method, that will never happen; your Founders’ Bible will remain rock solid in its binding, and has the added benefit of allowing for a “lay flat” capacity when reading. The Hardcover features the same high quality Bible paper as the leather editions, and along with its matching protective dust jacket displays the beautiful commissioned artwork on the cover, both of which boast a premium “soft touch” coating that feels fantastic in your hands. Each copy comes individually shrink-wrapped.

NEW SECOND EDITION has expanded to include our Founding Documents: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights & Amendments. Also included is a beautifully illustrated, 4-color presentation front matter section for recording your Ancestors of Interest, Your Family both Father’s and Mother’s lineage, Significant Family events, and Your Spiritual Journey. We also included a new article, Freedom Is A Fragile Thing and a revised and updated Timeline of American History.

ISBN: 978-1-61871-006-2
$69.99 – 2312 pages


Leather-Soft Edition

While The Founders’ Bible Leather-Soft edition is synthetic leather, the deep, rich Chestnut brown binding has all the look and feel of its genuine leather counterpart. It’s nearly as durable, but easier on a family’s budget. With beautiful rounded corners, distinctive, hand-crafted perimeter stitching, and a wonderfully textured, burnished imprint on the cover and spine, the Leather-Soft edition is a little more casual in appearance without the more formal gold gilding, but you will be captivated by how marvelous it feels. This Bible is a treasure to hold. Each copy comes individually shrink-wrapped in an exceptional O-band that captures the beauty of the commissioned cover artwork.

ISBN: 978-1-61871-002-4
$79.99 – 2272 pages

Genuine Leather Edition

The Founders’ Bible Genuine Leather edition boasts a 100% deep, rich, burnished burgundy genuine leather binding that is very durable, with beautiful rounded corners, distinctive hand-crafted gold foil textured imprint on the cover and spine. The genuine leather edition also showcases the more formal gold gilded edging. Each copy comes individually shrink-wrapped in an exquisite two-piece presentation gift box that captures the beauty of the commissioned cover artwork and also provides a safe resting space for your Bible when not in use.

ISBN: 978-1-61871-003-1
$99.99 – 2272 pages

Heirloom Edition

While this premium edition has all the bells and whistles, perhaps its most important feature is that it preserves for all time America’s Founding Documents by including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments. Having all of this in one single resource alongside the Bible that inspired such wisdom from the Founders makes the Founders’ Bible Heirloom Edition the “ultimate resource.” The Heirloom edition showcases a richly-tanned, deep-cinnamon brown Lux Leather binding. The feel is amazing; it’s extremely durable, with beautiful rounded corners, handcrafted gold foil textured imprints on both the cover and spine, which feature distinctive debossing, genuine perimeter hand-stitching, and the more formal gold gilded edging. The Heirloom Edition will be a cherished family treasure for generations. Each copy come individually shrink-wrapped in an exquisite presentation slipcase that captures the beauty of the commissioned cover artwork and also provides a safe resting place for your Bible when not in use. A must have for every family!

Additional elements:

An exquisitely designed opening four-color Family Tree of Life section for recording:
● Your Family Ancestry—both father’s and mother’s lineage
● Significant family events
● Family’s spiritual journey
● Ancestors of interest
Our Founding Documents—32 beautifully designed and illustrated two-color pages, including:
● The Declaration of Independence
● The Constitution of the United States
● The Bill of Rights and later amendments
Closing Article/Admonition: “Freedom Is a Fragile Thing”

The ISBN: 978-1-61871-004-8
$129.99 – 2312 pages